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World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June. The first Environment Day established by the United Nations General Assembly was in 1972, so this is the 50th anniversary of this event. This year the theme is: plastic pollution.

World Bicycle Day 2023

World Bicycle Day is celebrated every 3 June. It was thanks to a UN decree, proclaimed in 2018, that this event was created to highlight the importance of an ecological and healthy means of transport.

World Nordic Walking Day 2023

Have you ever tried this sport? Nordic walking involves the arms, shoulders, back, legs and hips and, whatever your age, can improve your physical condition or tone your muscles, as well as serving as an anaerobic workout or therapeutic walk.

European Day of Natural Parks 2023

Did you know that Sweden was the country where the first European national parks were declared? The European Day of Parks is a day to celebrate and share the value of protected natural areas. This Wednesday, all of Europe’s nature parks unite under the slogan “Building on our roots” to think about the natural heritage that surrounds us and reflect on our responsibility to protect and conserve it for future generations.

International Day for Biodiversity 2023

‘From agreement to action: build back biodiversity’
The 2023 commemoration is special because a historic agreement has been reached: the Kumming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. It is a document signed in December 2022 that sets concrete targets and actions to halt and reverse the loss of nature by 2050.

Earth Day 2023

‘La tierra es nuestro refugio, ayudemos a protegerla y cuidarla. De ello depende el futuro de muchas generaciones’.
Desde Naciones Unidas tratan de implicar a todo el mundo (gobiernos, empresas y ciudadanos) en el trabajo del cuidado y protección del medio ambiente.

Shall we slide?

In cross-country skiing you don’t walk, you glide and, when you do it, the sensations are indescribable. But… what is the origin of cross-country skiing? This modality was born in Norway and Russia, when wooden skis were used as a means of transport. Over time it has become a very popular sport.

International Mountain Day 2022

What better day to begin MASPIRINEO blog than today, December 11, International Mountain Day, this year with the theme ‘Women move mountains’. Today is International Mountain Day, and it should be the other 364 days of the year. Today is also a day to reflect on the role we play in the face of threats such as climate change, natural disasters, or the melting of glaciers… that threaten the survival of mountains and represent a problem that involves us ALL.


Welcome to the MASPIRINEO blog! If you are passionate about the mountains, sports, nature, if you dream of living unique moments or get lost where WiFi does not reach …. you have come to the right place. Read on and get ready to enjoy the mountain.