World Bicycle Day 2023

On a bike that will take me everywhere. Every 3 June is celebrated as World Bicycle Day. It was thanks to a UN decree, proclaimed in 2018, that this event was created with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of an ecological and healthy means of transport.

Although there is evidence of the existence of bicycles before 1800, it was Baron Karl Von Drais who is credited with the invention of the bicycle in 1817 in Germany, which, of course, had little to do with the one that has survived to the present day. That first model was made ofwood and had to be pushed with the feet until 1861, when Ernest Michaux came up with the idea of fitting front pedals. The first step towards today’s bicycle.

The first Spanish bicycle was manufactured in 1867 by the Huesca blacksmith Mariano Catalán, who was also a pioneer when it came to completing a cycling tour starting and finishing in Huesca.

The bicycle was an important means of transport, and also, nowadays, an excellent means for the practice of sport and for fans of strong emotions, modalities such as the BBT or MTB that emerged in the 70s.

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