What clothes do I need for the ascents?
    Technical mountain clothing taking into account the time of year and mountain conditions. Thermal underwear, warm clothing (polartec, primalotf, feathers), raincoat, windbreaker or goretex, semi-rigid mountain boots, gloves and hat.
For ascents, is it better to go with one or two poles?
    At least one, but if you are skilled at using them you can carry both. Ideally, they should be foldable for when you’re not using them.
What kind of boots do I need to climb the Aneto peak?
    Semi-rigid, high-legged boots, to protect the ankle, and relatively waterproof.
What is the difference between trekking boots and hiking boots?
    The high mountain ones are stiffer in the sole and the shaft is higher.
How much water do I have to carry to do an expert level ascent?
    A litre and a half of water and isotonic tablets in case we need to take more water from the glacier or snow.
Can I pay in the mountain huts by credit card?
    Almost always but it’s good to carry cash (in case the cover fails).
What clothing do I need for mountain biking?
    Bib shorts, loose-fitting trousers and T-shirt, gloves, warm clothes and fanny pack or backpack.
Are MTB protections necessary?
    Yes, especially if you are going to do enduro because they will protect your elbows and knees in a fall.
From what age can I start cross-country ski?
    To adapt to both the snow and the material the ideal age is 4 years old and to start learning technique from 5 years old.
What kind of gloves do you need for cross-country skiing?
    Any glove that protects from the cold and allows hand mobility on the pole strap.
Do you need a helmet for cross-country ski?
What kind of shoes do I need for Nordic walking?
    Sport shoes, soft-soled and comfortable.

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