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16 July 2022
Video to try to “save lives” on the Aneto this summer
Even with ice axe and crampons, the Greim assures that the glacier is in terrible conditions and the ascent is “complicated”.
15 July 2022
Ascent to Aneto by Salterillo lake
Bad conditions on the route of the Upper Portillón
16 June 2022
“Desafío Aneto” walks towards the La Renclusa refuge in its ascent to the “top” of Aragon
In the second episode of the docureality of Aragón TV (Wednesday, 21:35h), the team leaves from Benasque to La Besurta, the last point that can be reached by car. Besides, the ascent to the Aneto peak continues with a walk to the 2.138 meters of altitude of the La Renclusa refuge.
8 June 2022
“Desafío Aneto”, an adventure about the ascent to the “top” of Aragon, premieres
The program of Aragón Tv will narrate how it is and how an ascent to the highest point of all the Pyrenean mountain range takes place.
17 August 2021
“This is not the best time to climb the Aneto”.
Chemary Carrera, mountain guide, recommends leaving the ascent for when the state of the glacier is less delicate.
2 August 2021
The Aragonese Pyrenees recorded an accumulation of Saharan dust unprecedented in recent decades
The phenomenon deposited up to 33 grams per square meter in the Benás valley where the so-called “mud rains” occurred.
28 March 2021
At ETEVA we are committed to cross-country skiing training.
Cross-country ski is the origin of skiing in its various modalities. This discipline arose from man’s need to move over snowy terrain.
29 September 2019
Chronicle of the Nordic walking initiation workshop.
This morning, 12 people linked to ADAEZ, have participated in the Nordic walking initiation workshop, given by Chemary Carrera, from MASPIRINEO.
11 August 2019
“When you hire a guide, you don’t hire the summit, you hire to make the ascent safely”.
Montaña Segura is committed to educate the mountaineer and not to charge for rescues or punish reckless behaviour.
31 July 2019.
“Nowadays people don’t make mountains, they consume them”.
Chemary Carrera / Mountain guide of the Benasque Valley
23 May 2019
Second Nordic walking days of Aragon
They will be held on June 1 and 2 in Barbastro-Somontano
14 April 2019
Spectacular Trancs de les Maladetes
The Benasque Valley held the ninth edition of a non-competitive event that shows every year a corner of the Posets-Maladeta.
30 October 2018
The cross of Aneto shines again
An expedition composed of mountaineers from several Aragonese clubs, mountain guides, members of the GREIM of the Guardia Civil, representatives of the City Council of Benasque and a professional painter, eleven in total, climbed last Wednesday October 24 to the summit of Aneto to clean the cross that crowns the summit and restore its original appearance.
23 October 2018
A group of eleven mountaineers climbs the Aneto this Wednesday to repaint the symbols
More than three weeks after the appearance of the pro-independence graffiti on the three symbols of the summit of the Aneto (the cross, the pedestal of the Virgen del Pilar and the image of San Marcial, patron saint of Benasque), a group of 11 expert mountaineers will climb this Wednesday to the summit of the roof of the Pyrenees to remove the remains of the yellow paint that are still left.
4 October 2018
Cleaning of the Aneto cross
Several mountaineers and mountain guides of Benasque have made public their intention to participate in the tasks of cleaning the graffiti of pro-independence character made the last day 1 at the top of Aneto.
29 July 2018
“More and more summits are being climbed in sneakers.”
Chemary Carrera Pons is a mountain guide in Benasque and collaborator of the Aneto Seguro project.
23 May 2018
The weekend from 25 to 27 May 2018 is going to take place the celebration of “LAS JORNADAS DE MARCHA NÓRDICA EN ARAGÓN” organized by the club CAI NORDIC WALKING in collaboration with the FAM.
23 July 2014
Edurne Pasabán, at the Aneto with the winners of the Gore-Tex® Experience Tour
5 August 2012
Chemary Carrera: “This is a democracy, but I’m in charge in the mountains”.
Chemary Carrera guided this ascent, on July 14th, from the refuge of La Renclusa, in Benasque.
11 September 2011
Chemary Carrera. Health through Nordic walking.
Several studies rank Nordic walking as the most complete sport, even above swimming.
18 October 2011
Excellent reception of the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour: “Share tips and tricks with Edurne Pasabán”.
On October 15, 2011, at 6:28 a.m., Edurne Pasabán and the six winners of the GORE-TEX® Experience Tour left La Renclusa hut (2,140 m) accompanied by Chemari Carrera, an expert mountain guide.
6 August 2011
La Paz Hospital to test Nordic walking in the recovery of heart patients
Hospitals in Vigo and Barcelona are also testing this technique with their patients. Nordic walking was invented 80 years ago in Finland, with cross-country skiers.