Team building is how we define the activity or set of activities that seek to improve interpersonal relationships within a group. In MASPIRINEO we are specialists in working with company teams.

We propose programs and/or activities (ascents, mountain biking…) adapted to each company, away from what is done in everyday life, and in different environments to generate a relaxed atmosphere because in MASPIRINEO we believe that challenges, living an adventure outside the comfort zone or sharing a different experience, unites, motivates, strengthens and improves the working environment.

‘No one gets to the top without the help of others.’

También puedes proponernos una idea y veremos cómo adaptarla a tu equipo

PRICES (VAT include)
To determine depending of the activity
  • Certified guide
  • Insurance of the activity and RC
  • Security and progesion material that we could use.

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