European Day of Natural Parks 2023

Did you know that Sweden was the country where the first European national parks were declared?

It was on May 24, 1909. To commemorate that day, the EUROPARC Federation, a pan-European organization created in 1973 that brings together institutions dedicated to nature conservation and protected natural areas in 38 countries, has been promoting the celebration of European Parks Day since 1999.

The European Day of Parks is a day to celebrate and share with the value of protected natural areas. This Wednesday, all of Europe’s nature parks unite under the slogan “Building on our roots”to think about the natural heritage that surrounds us and reflect on our responsibility to protect and conserve it for future generations.

In Aragon we have the Posets Maladeta Natural Park, the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park, the Valles Occidentales Natural Park and the Moncayo Natural Park.

The Posets Maladeta Natural Park, whose extension is close to 33,500 hectares, covers two counties, Ribagorza and Sobrarbe, and five municipalities, Benasque, Montanuy, Sahún, Gistaín and San Juan de Plan.

Its altitude ranges between the 1,500 meters of the bottom of vale and the 3,404 of Aneto. It is the one that best represents the hardness and purity of the high mountain.

If you visit you can go hiking, mountaineering, skiing or climbing, stay overnight in a hotel, camping or shelter and enjoy a wide network of marked trails.

The Posets Maladeta also offers you the possibility of visiting bibons of glacial origin and the last glaciers protected under the denomination of Natural Monument of the Pyrenean Glaciers.

To recognize the importance of this protected area, this Saturday, May 27, the Posets Maladeta Natural Park will conduct a guided walk through the valleys of Benasque and Chistau. The first will go through the Camino de la Saleta and the second will reach the Ibón waterfall.