Shall we slide?

Slide, feel… are words that keep coming up when we talk about cross-country skiing, because in cross-country skiing you don’t walk, you slide and when you’ve done it, the sensations are indescribable.

But … What is the origin of cross-country skiing and what is it?

To know the history of Nordic skiing, we have to go back almost 6,000 years. The sport originated in Norway and Russia. As early as the tenth century, the Vikings used skis made of wood to move around on the snow during the cold winters and also to go hunting to ensure their survival.

Therefore, Nordic skiing was the first to emerge. Over time it went from being a way of transport to become a very popular sport and a sporting discipline. In fact, the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix were the first to include cross-country skiing events.

Cross-country skiing is an aerobic sport for which you need a pair of skis and a pair of poles in order to slide over the snow. You can practice ‘trodden’ tracks that run through forests, roads, esplanades or natural spaces little traveled.

There are two techniques, classic style and skating style also called skating or free.