Do you have a challenge? Do you want to experience one of the biggest international cross-country ski races from the inside? The first thing is to know what level we start from and to know the demands of our challenge. From there we just have to work and improve both the technique and the physical condition. That way on race day we make sure that all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.

Do you go beyond the popular races? Do you participate in Spanish/World Cups? We can take care of your training. In this case not only your technique but also the preparation and tuning of your skis.

What do we offer you?

Each class takes 2 hours and takes place in the Nordic ski resort Llanos del Hospital.

No matter what your starting level is, we adapt the classes to all needs. Our goal is to help you acquire a technical progression that will allow you to enjoy more and more and reach your goals.
  • Marcha Plan d’Están
  • Marxa Beret
  • Copa de España
  • Vassaloppet
  • Marcialonga
  • Transjurassienne
  • Do you have another challenge? Write us!
    • Classic
    • Skating
    What will you need?
    • Gloves
    • Sunglasses
    • Sun cream
    • Clothes that allow you to move around
    • Skis
    • Poles
    • Water
    • Boots
    PRICES (VAT include)
    Tell us your idea and we will give you a budget!
    **You can rent the material at the station.
    ***The price does not include the ski pass (madatory).
    • Qualified teacher
    • Insurance of the activity and RC

    Do you have any doubts? Contact us!