The mountain passes that, historically, have brought territories closer together, were the ‘roads’ used by our ancestors. They travelled on foot or on the back of their donkeys, mules or horses, these cobbled roads for commercial, social, expeditionary or even defensive purposes.

Delve into the stories behind these mountain passes, and walk through the same passes that centuries ago the Templars and Pyrenees travelled through to pass from one valley to another.

What do we offer you?
[expand title=”Day 1: Llanos del hospital – Puerto Viejo – Maupas Refuge”]
  • This route links Llanos del Hospital with the refuge of Maupás, passing through the Gorgutes inon, Port Viello, lakes of Celinda, lac Bleu, lac du Port Vielle and lac Charles.
  • Distance: 10.7 km
  • Slope: 1240 m+ y 555 m-
  • Maximum altitude: 2632 m (Puerto Viello)
  • Minimum altitude: 1760 m (Hospital de Benasque)
  • Duration (with stops): 7h 30′
[expand title=”Day 2: Refugio de Maupas – Col de Sacroux – Chemin de L’Emperatrice – Hospice de Françe”]
  • Crossing from the refuge of Maupas to the Hospice de Françe, passing through the Lac Vert, the hut of Goües, the col de Pinata, the col de Sacroux and the Chemin de L’Emperatrice.
  • Distance: 17.4 km
  • Slope: 550 m+ 1500m-
  • Maximum altitude 2432 m (Refugio de Maupás)
  • Minimum altitude: 1376 m (Hospice de Françe)
  • Duration (with stops): 8h 15′
[expand title=”Day 3: Hospice de Françe – Pico salvaguardia – Refugio de Venasque”]
  • This hike connects the Hospice de Françe and the Refuge of Venasque, passing through the Port de Venasque, the lakes of Bom, the Salvaguardia peak and the Port de Benasque.
  • Distanciae: 11 km
  • Slope: 1385 m+ 500m-
  • Maximum altitude: 2738 m (Pico Salvaguardia)
  • Minimum altitude: 1376 m (Hospice de Françe)
  • Duration (with stops): 6h 30′
[expand title=”Day 4: Venasque refuge – Puerto de Benasque – Puerto de la Picada – Artiga de Lin refuge”]
  • This route links the refuge of Venasque with the one of the Artiga de Lin, passing through the Port of Benasque, Antigua Casa Cabellut, Port de la Picada, Pas dera Ecaleta, forest of the Artiga de Lin and Uelhs de Joèu.
  • Distance: 9 km
  • Slope: 4000 m+ y 1100 m-
  • Maximum elevation: 2477 m (Puerto de la Picada)
  • Minimum elevation: 1470 m (Artiga de Lin refuge)
  • Duration (with stops): 6h
[expand title=”Day 5: Artiga de Lin refuge – Coll de Toro – Forau de Aigualluts – La Renclusa refuge”]
  • Crossing that connects the Artiga de Lin refuge with La Renclusam refuge, passing by Coll de Toro and Aigulluts labyrinth.
  • Distance: 9.5 km
  • Slope: 1025 m+ y 400 m-
  • Maximun altitude: 2241 m (Coll de Toro)
  • Minimum altitude: 1470 m (Artiga de Lin refuge)
  • Duration (with stops): 6h 30′
[expand title=”Day 6: La Renclusa refuge – Paderna Peak – LLanos del Hospital”]
  • Crossing that joins the refuge of La Renclusa with Llanos del Hospital, passing through the ibones de Paderna and coll de Paerna until crowning the peak Paderna and passing through the vallon de Paderna, and tubes of Paderna.
  • Distance: 8.5 km
  • Slope: 485 m+ y 870 m-
  • Maximum altitude: 2622 m (Paderna peak)
  • Minimum altitude: 1760 m (Llanos del Hospital)
  • Duration (with stops): 6h 30′
What will you need?
  • Backpack minimum 35l
  • High mountain clothing
  • Lining or primalof
  • GORE-TEX jacket and trousers
  • Gloves
  • Buff
  • Hat/cap
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Semi-rigid boots
  • Walking sticks
  • Water and food for 10-12 h.
  • Sleeping bag (refuge)
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
PRICES (TV include)
1-2 persons: 1025 €
3-5 persons: 695 €/person
6 or more persons: 575 €/person
  • Certified guide
  • Insurance of the activity and RC
  • 5 nights in refuge with half board
  • Do you have any doubts? Contact us!