Chemary Carrera
I am Chemary Carrera, I was born in Chía, a small village in the Benasque valley, and since I was a child it was clear to me that I wanted to observe the world from the mountain tops.

My training has always been focused on “living in the heights”. I’m a second level Sport Technician (TD) of medium mountain and a qualified High Mountain Guide.

To enjoy the mountain in all its versions, I also trained as a Diploma in Cross-Country Skiing and TD2 Alpine Skiing. This has allowed me to be a cross-country ski teacher trainer. In addition, I am a Nordic Walking trainer and teacher.

I have also enjoyed as an athlete participating several years in the Aragon cross-country skiing championships, in the Marxa Beret and in the Marcha Pllan d’Están. And in other international events such as the Vasaloppet in 2009, the Artic Circle Race in 2009 or the Transjurassienne in 2012. Also in other sports as a runner in the NOMAD team in the Raid Currier Sud in 2009.